Aiello Construction, Inc. v. Nationwide Tractor Trailer Training and Placement Corp.

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Facts: Plaintiff and Defendant entered into a contract. Plaintiff was to do work on defendant's land, and Defendant was to pay for the work. Plaintiff started the work, and Defendant started to pay. After one month, Defendant stopped paying. A couple months later, Defendant made several smaller payments, but not enough (according to the contract). Plaintiff stopped work and brought instant action for breach of contract.

Procedural History: Trial court found breach of contract by Defendant and awarded damages to Plaintiff. Damages were equal to the cost to Plaintiff for work done plus anticipated profit from fulfillment of contract minus payments already made plus interest since the filing of the complaint. Defendant appealed.

Issue: How much damages should be given?

Holding: Trial court got it right.

Reasons: Restatement ยง 346

Judgment: Affirmed.