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Arent Fox
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Headquarters Washington (DC)
Number of Offices 4
Number of attorneys 400
Number of employees 145
Practice Areas Lobbying
Key People Mark M. Katz (Chairman of the firm)
Arent Fox Pay Scale
(all numbers in thousands of dollars)
First year salary160
Second year salary165
Third year salary180
Fourth year salary
Fifth year salary
Sixth year salary
Seventh year salary
Eighth year salary
Ninth year salary
Tenth year salary

Arent Fox LLP (formerly Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn) is a law firm and lobbying group based in Washington, D.C.. The firm also has offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In 2007, the National Law Journal ranked the firm as the 137th largest in the United States based on number of attorneys.

Practice areas[edit | edit source]

In addition to its lobbying practice, Arent Fox has substantial practices in antitrust, corporate, environmental, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, tax law, bankruptcy, international trade, corporate finance, and ERISA matters. The firm also has special practice groups for certain industries, such as the automotive industry, construction, healthcare, hospitality, energy, non-profit organizations, media and entertainment, sweepstakes and loyalty programs, and life sciences.

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