Biden v. Nebraska

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Biden v. Nebraska
Court Supreme Court of the United States
Date decided 2023-6-30


Biden issued an announcement ( ) forgiving up to $10,000 per year of the outstanding student loan debts. If eligible , a student could have up to an $20,000 in total student loan debt forgiven.

The cost of the student debt forgiveness was $430 billion.

As of 2023, the total student loan debt in the United States was $1.75 trillion.


Opponents argued that the Biden student loan forgiveness didn't address the root cause of the debt which is skyrocketing cost of college education.

Is there a moral hazard in wiping out student debts without putting in place a price control?


Biden has no authority to forgive student loans by means of an executive order.

Biden needed "direct authorization from Congress" to erase student loans.