Boise Junior College v. Mattefs Construction

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Boise Junior College v. Mattefs Construction
Court Idaho Supreme Court
Citation 450 P.2d 604
Date decided February 7, 1969


Mattefs Construction Company ("Mattefs") submitted a bid of $141,048 to Boise Junior College District ("Boise") for a Boise construction project.

However, in calculating its bid, Mattefs had mitakenly omitted the cost of glass & windows. The lowest bid Mattefs had received from its glass & windows sub-contractors was $19,741.

The bids were opened on October 5th 1965.

Procedural History

Boise entered into a construction contract with the next-highest bid & simultaneously sued Mattefs on the bid bond with Matteffs over the $7,000 bid difference.

The trial court ruled that Mattes was entitled to rescission because it has under-estimated its bid by accident. Boise lost.


Is a bidder who makes a clerical error in preparing a bid entitled to the equitable remedy of rescission?


Yes. A bidder who makes an innocent error in preparing a bid may be entitled to rescission.