Boone v. Coe

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Boone v. Coe
Court Court of Appeals of Kentucky
Citation 153 Ky. 233, 154 S.W. 900 (1913)
Date decided 1913

Relevant Facts

Defendant owned a farm in Texas. Plaintiff lived in Kentucky with his family. They made a verbal contract for the plaintiff to move with his family to Texas and to live at the defendant’s farm for a year. They would share the profits that the plaintiff made from the harvests. The plaintiff and his family accordingly packed up and traveled to Texas. When they arrived at the farm in Texas, the defendant recanted the agreement, and they were forced to travel back home.

Procedural History

Plaintiff brought a suit for damages for breach of contract. Defendant filed a demurred and the petition was dismissed. Plaintiff appeals.


Whether a verbal contract for lease of land is enforceable when it is not to be performed within one year of the contract formation.


Judgment affirmed for the defendant.


Because the defendants had received no benefits from the plaintiffs, a verbal contract for the lease of land for longer than one year term is unenforceable under the statute of frauds.