Constitution of the United Kingdom

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The Constitution of the United Kingdom is not a single written document labeled as a Constitution or Basic Law.

Many British laws have influenced American laws. For example, the Magna Carta has motivated the adoption of the Grand Jury provision of the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Moreover, American jurists in the 19th century looked to British case law for precedents in contract law and corporate law.

Magna Carta[edit | edit source]

The earliest document regarded as a basis of the British Constitution is the Magna Carta of 1215.

Petition of Right[edit | edit source]

The Petition of Right of 1628 is a key British constitutional document.

Habeas Corpus Act[edit | edit source]

Habeas Corpus Act 1679 is a key statute of the British constitutional history.

English Bill of Rights, 1689[edit | edit source]

The English Bill of Rights of 1689 was directly incorporated into the Bill of Rights of the American Constitution in 1791. William III of England was the British king at that time.

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