Euclid v. Ambler Realty (1926)

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Euclid v. Ambler Realty (1926)
Court Supreme Court of the United States
Citation 272 U.S. 365
Date decided November 22, 1926
Overturned Ambler Realty v. Euclid (1924)
Followed Ambler Realty v. Euclid (1924)


  • Starting in the early 1900s, local governments began to regulate economic and real estate activities.
  • Euclid = a town in Ohio
  • Zoning laws in the United States began to restrict land uses.
  • Residential-only usage made the land less valuable than if commercial usage were permitted

Procedural History

SCOTUS grants certiorari in the Ambler Realty Co. v. Village of Euclid, Ohio case.


Do zoning regulations constitute an unconstitutional deprivation of property?


Zoning regulations are usually constitutional so long as they aren't arbitrary or unreasonable.




George Sutherland : Zoning regulations addressed the need for order as cities grew


Zoning regulations must be justified on the basis of

  1. public health
  2. safety
  3. morals
  4. general welfare.