Help:Nice Category List

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USAGE[edit source]

The <ncl> tag displays a category list: <ncl [options]>Category:Some Category</ncl>

The tag takes the following parameters, all of which are optional:

  • maxdepth=<number>
    • The maximum category depth to display; default 32
  • style=<style>
    • 'bullet' to show category contents as bullet lists (default); 'compact' for a more compact listing
  • showcats=<bool>
    • Non-0 to display sub-category links in "bottom" (ie. maxdepth) categories (default 0).
  • showarts=<bool>
    • Non-0 to display articles in categories (default 1).
  • headings=<style>
    • 'head' to display category headings as Wiki headings (default); 'bullet' to display category headings as large bullets

'headings=bullet' works well with 'style=compact'.

  • headstart=<number>
    • With 'headings=head', the heading level to list top-level categories with (level increases for sub-cats) (default 1).
  • sort=<bool>
    • Non-0 to sort the list alphabetically; else sort the list according to the index key.

EXAMPLES[edit source]

For a nice "high-level" category index, use this in a template:

<ncl style=compact maxdepth=2 headings=bullet headstart=2 showcats=1 showarts=1>Category:{{PAGENAME}}</ncl>

To generate a full category listing, with indentation indicating category containment, use:

<ncl style=compact headings=bullet headstart=2 showcats=1 showarts=0>Category:Categories</ncl>