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A user page is a page about a wiki user with an account on the wiki, and who is (most probably) a contributor.

If you have registered, your user account has been created but you still have neither user page nor talk page. Your user page is linked in the top right at the drop down menu that appears by selecting your user name. You can also see your user page by clicking here. Others will see a link to your user page from various places which assist wiki collaboration. This includes the "Recent changes" and "page history" displays that reflect edits you made (See Help:Tracking changes). You can also link to your user page within text of a wiki page, which is mainly useful on talk pages when you sign your name.

If you have not registered, you are identified by your own IP address. No user page nor talk page exist for you. Creation of user pages for IP addresses (i.e. anonymous, not signed-in users) is currently disallowed on Wiki Law School.

For users to be able to create a user page, you must first make a few successful edits elsewhere on the wiki and be a user for a few days. Prior to that time, creation of a user page will be automatically rejected. (Nothing personal, just a tool we use to fight spam!)

What to put on your user page[edit source]

User pages are just as flexible as any other wiki page, and it's a page all about you, so generally people will leave you to freely write your user page in whatever format you like. It's a feature to help other people know who you are, and to bring the online community closer together. Think of it as a “profile” page. You might like to mention where you are from and what your job is. You can also state what your main areas of interest are in relation to the topic of the wiki, and describe contributions you have made or areas where you are interested in contributing.

User scratchpad / development area[edit source]

You can use your user page as a scratchpad. An area for developing ideas without cluttering the main namespace (see Help:Namespaces). You may find them useful for creating subpages under your user page. However, you should avoid expending too much effort within your own area of the wiki. Be bold! Edit the main wiki articles! You can also use Sandbox for quick (non-permanent) wiki experimentation.

If you want to have an additional place to test templates, wiki code, or other formatting, you can create your own user sandbox (as a subpage of your user page) at username/Sandbox.

Other people's user pages[edit source]

As mentioned above, you will see links to other people's user pages, in various places throughout the wiki. Here's a few of those places:

User Contributions[edit source]

When viewing another person's user page, an additional link "user contributions" appears in the "tools" of the sidebar (See Help:Navigation#Sidebar). This takes you to a list of all of this user's wiki edits. Use this to get an idea of how prolific a contributor somebody is, or to track down edits made by a user who is causing trouble/making bad wiki edits.

Editing someone else's page[edit source]

Editing other users' pages is disallowed.

User talk pages[edit source]

Every user page has an associated talk page; a "user talk page". This is a special kind of talk page, for leaving messages directed at a particular user. See Help:Talk pages#User talk pages.