Klemen Jaklic

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Klemen Jaklic
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Title(s) Lecturer on Law
Law school Harvard Law School
Alma Mater Harvard Law School
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Klemen Jaklic (born August 6, 1975) is a legal academic, Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School[1] and Teaching Fellow in Ethics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government,[2] Harvard University. He is among the world’s handful legal scholars who have concurrently completed both the Harvard and Oxford most advanced doctorate degrees in law:[3][4] a D.Phil. from Oxford University and an S.J.D. from Harvard Law School.[1]

At Harvard he is teaching on European integration, moral reasoning: justice, human rights, constitutional law, ethics, and the future of democracy.[1][5][6] He is a recipient of repeated Harvard University teaching excellence awards[1] and a scholar on Europe whose recent work “Europe as a Route to Humanity’s Third Historic Stage of Democracy” won the Harvard 2011 Mancini Prize ("best work in the field of EU law and European thought").[1] Over the course of the last decade he worked primarily with Frank Michelman from Harvard and Paul Craig from Oxford,[7] who both have influenced this work in which Jaklic argues that the unique post-sovereign context of the new Europe has opened the possibility for humanity to initiate the “third historic leap” in our understanding and expansion of the concept of democracy.[8] It is described as the leap comparable in its significance and breadth only to the first initiation of the city-state democracy in ancient Athens (the first leap), and to the improved concept of the nation-state democracy that came as the aftermath of the 18th century democratic revolutions (the second, and current leap).[8] In 2005 Klemen Jaklic published the first translation of the United States Constitution into Slovenian language.[9] Jaklic is also current member of the European Commission for Democracy Through Law (the Venice Commission),[10] and an Affiliate of the Harvard University Center for European Studies.[6][11]

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