London Bucket Co. v. Stewart

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Facts: London Bucket entered into a contract in which it agreed to install a furnace and related equipment in Steward's building. The contract said that the furnace would maintain the building temperature at 75 degrees in the winter. The furnace was installed improperly, had bad-quality parts, and didn't perform as the specifications required.

Procedural History: Plaintiff filed a complaint, seeking performance of the contract and damages for lost business and other expenses. Trial court ordered Defendant to comply with the terms of the contract and proceed diligently. Appellate court affirmed.

Issue: Can the court force the defendant to perform the contract as promised, or can it only order Defendant to pay damages in the amount to make Plaintiff whole?

Holding: No, it can just order to pay damages.

Reasons: Ordinarily, when the contract is related to construction, the breaching party would just pay damages.

Judgment: Affirmed.