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This template is to insert in articles about bar examinations and provide basic information at a glance.

Usage[edit source]

Copy and paste the text from the box below into the top of a bar examination page. Fill in the data to the right of the equals sign.

{{Infobox Bar Examination
| exam_contingency               =
| exam_contingency_announce_date =
| exam_contingency_postpone_date =
| exam_contingency_announce_url  =
| online_exam_offered            =
| online_exam_software           =
| exam_contingency_notes         =
| image                          =
| administered_by                =
| state                          =
| phone_number                   =
| admin_email                    =
| aba_req                        =
| foreign_eligible               =
| winter_exam_deadline           =
| winter_late_filing_deadline    =
| summer_exam_deadline           =
| summer_late_filing_deadline    =
| first_time_bar_exam_fee        =
| attorney_bar_exam_fee          =
| repeater_bar_exam_fee          =
| bar_exam_laptop_fee            =
| when_winter_offered            =
| when_summer_offered            =
| require_ube                    =
| ube_minimum                    =
| jdx_additional_components      =
| max_ube_age                    =
| require_mbe                    =
| accept_mbe_transfer            =
| require_mee                    =
| require_mpt                    =
| require_mpre                   =
| mpre_minimum                   =
| jdx_exam_components            =
| max_exam_attempts              =
| testing_location               =
| first_time_pass_rate           =
| repeater_pass_rate             =
| quantity_takers                =
| website                        =
| ncbe_profile                   =

Description of fields[edit source]

Field Description
image An image or logo associated with the bar examination administrator.
administered_by Name of the organization that administers the bar examination.
state State, province, or other jurisdiction.
phone_number Bar administrator's phone number.
admin_email Bar administrator's email.
aba_req If a JD from an ABA-approved school is required to take the bar examination.
foreign_eligible If a graduate of a foreign law school is eligible to take the bar examination.
winter_exam_deadline Winter exam application filing deadline.
winter_late_filing_deadline Winter application late filing deadline.
summer_exam_deadline Summer exam application filing deadline.
summer_late_filing_deadline Summer application late filing deadline.
first_time_bar_exam_fee Application filing fee for first-time examination takers.
attorney_bar_exam_fee Application filing fee for attorneys admitted in other jurisdictions.
repeater_bar_exam_fee Application filing fee for repeat examination takers of this bar examination.
bar_exam_laptop_fee Fee to use a laptop for the bar examination.
when_winter_offered The month in which the winter bar examination is offered.
when_summer_offered The month in which the summer bar examination is offered.
require_ube If the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) is part of the bar examination.
ube_minimum Minimum UBE passing score.
jdx_additional_components The jurisdiction-specific components that are required prior to admission (typically in a UBE jurisdiction). If multiple, separate by asterisk.
max_ube_age The maximum UBE age to transfer in scores. If multiple, separate by forward slash.
require_mbe If the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) is part of the bar examination.
accept_mbe_transfer If MBE scores can be transferred from other jurisdictions.
require_mee If the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) is part of the bar examination.
require_mpt If the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is part of the bar examination.
require_mpre If the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is required.
mpre_minimum Minimum MPRE Passing Score.
jdx_exam_components Jurisdiction-drafted bar examination components.
max_exam_attempts Maximum examination attempts without special permission.
testing_location Cities where bar examinations take place.
first_time_pass_rate Pass rate for first-time bar examination takers.
repeater_pass_rate Pass rate for repeat bar examination takers.
quantity_takers Annual quantity of test takers
website Primary website URL for the bar examination administrator.
ncbe_profile URL for National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) profile.