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Timeline won't save on the main page as a table

DeRien (talkcontribs)
  • Wednesday, June 10th 1874 ;; Dodds offers to sell property with a 9 am Friday deadline
  • Thursday, June 11th 1874 ; afternoon ; Dickinson returns written acceptance to Dodds while Dodds is out of home
  • Thursday, June 11th 1874 ;; Dodds & Allen finish property sale
  • Friday, June 12th 1874 ; 7 am ; Dickinson's agent hands duplicate written acceptance to Dodds
  • Friday, June 12th 1874 ; about 8 am ; Dickinson delivers a 3rd duplicate acceptance to Dodds before the 9 am deadline
  • Friday, June 12th 1874 ; about 8 am ; Dodds explains to Dickinson that Allen had bought the property yesterday
Lost Student (talkcontribs)

I inserted one using the Timeline Template. This template isn't the prettiest so I should probably work on improving its appearance.

edit: Looks like you're still working on this so my timeline got saved over. Take a look here.

DeRien (talkcontribs)

I am finished. Can you re-insert the timeline?

Lost Student (talkcontribs)

Done! :)

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