Wiki Law School:Policy

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This page contains content posting rules and guidelines that pertain to all content submitted to this site, whether on wiki page articles, within threaded discussion posts on talk pages, or in message board posts. The aim of Wiki Law School is to maintain open dialogue and widespread participation of many users with little to no censorship. At the same time, content on Wiki Law School should not offend or make any of its readers uncomfortable. These rules will be modified from time to time as the consensus of Wiki Law School users dictates.

Any posts, talk page threads, or other submitted content containing or linking to forbidden content are subject to partial or complete deletion and the user who posted or submitted such content is subject to receiving a ban. The duration of such a ban may range from several hours to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the violation, the number of repeat offenses, and at the moderator's discretion. However, any ban having a duration longer than one month must be subject to a vote by at least three moderators/admins, or half of the moderators/admins currently-active on Wiki Law School, whichever is less. The ban will be enforced if the vote passes by a majority of those voting.

One exception to the vote requirement is spam: if a content submission is determined to be spam and if the submission includes text links or hyperlinks to external sites, the user responsible for the submission of such content is subject to permanent ban by a determination of any single moderator/admin.

Forbidden content includes:

  • Content containing or demonstrating defamation/libel, harassment, threats, bigotry of any form, or offensive material;
  • Confidential or private information about any Wiki Law School user, unless posted by that user or with that user's express consent; or
  • Any material subject to trademark, copyright, or trade secret protection, unless posted by the owner of that material or with the owner's express consent.

Appeals to bans will be treated on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a vote of moderators/admins.